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What are your opening hours?

Miss Lulu's Dessert Parlour is an online store - so you can make an order with us 24 hours a day. But because the people who run it are human - we need some sleep sometimes so our kitchen fires up on Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 5.30pm.

If you want to get next day delivery - you must get your order in before 1pm the day before. If you make your order on Saturday however, the next delivery time available to you is Tuesday.


Do you have a physical store?

We would love to have a physical store and that’s definitely in our sights in the future – but for the moment you can only purchase our treats online.


When do you deliver?

We currently deliver from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-4pm.

If you want to get next day delivery - you must get your order in before 1pm the day before. If you make your order on Saturday however, the next delivery time available to you is Tuesday.


Where do you deliver?

We ship within the Sydney Metropolitan Area - for a list of the suburbs that we currently deliver to - please click here for delivery locations.


How much does delivery cost?

Our delivery costs are based on distance from our dessert parlour in Bondi. We have separated Sydney into four zones and the costs for these zones are as follows:

Zone 1 - $5.00
Zone 2 - $10.00
Zone 3 - $15.00
Zone 4 - $20.00

To see what zone your suburb is in - please click here


Why can't I buy one donut, one cupcake, one eclair? Why do I have to buy a box?

Because we are preparing your treats fresh to order - we can only make them in certain quantities (it's a bit hard to break down a recipe into singular portions)



Do we ship internationally or anywhere in Australia?

For all items in our store - we only ship within the Sydney metropolitan area at the moment. We’re really committed to delivering all our treats freshly baked and freshly delivered.

However - we're able to send our cookies and greeting cards nationally throughout Australia. Please contact us via email on or feel free to call us on (02) 9300 6884 if you're interested and we'll be delighted to help you.

For anyone internationally that is interested in our greeting cards - you can contact us via email on



How do you prevent cross contamination?

With regard to cross contamination - our kitchen is completely free of gluten, dairy and yeast.

We do use eggs in some of our treats and some of our suppliers process their products on machinery that may have traces of egg (specifically our unrefined icing sugar - and we're working on trying to find another unrefined alternative that is vegan & egg free).

In all of these instances we will label the potential allergen as clearly as possible.

For those items that are soy free, vegan and egg free - we use separate pans and utensils to avoid cross contamination, however you will have to decide whether this is enough for you and that you're comfortable with this.



Why unrefined sugar?

When choosing sweeteners – we try out best to choose responsibly. Unlike white refined sugar, unrefined sugar has trace minerals and nutrients present. These include phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Essentially - there is more nutritional substance than refined sugar. For this reason – we try with all our might to use unrefined sugar or other natural sweeteners and when we use refined sugar (in our sprinkles) we use it sparingly and we also give you the choice of choosing to embellish your treats with them or to opt out.


What is raw chocolate?

Raw chocolate is uncooked and unprocessed and has been proven to have double the antioxidants of conventionally processed chocolate. The chocolate we use is also sweetened with coconut sugar - a low GI sweetener.


Is Miss Lulu’s Dessert Parlour nut free?

We don't use any peanuts or tree nuts however we have some suppliers that may have traces in their processing – for that reason we are unable to say definitively that we are nut free.

We also use coconut and small amounts of nutmeg in some of our products. We'd suggest that if you're concerned about this you conduct your own research and speak to your physician. The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), which is the peak professional society of allergy specialists and clinical immunologists in Australia and New Zealand has written a comment on coconut and Food Standards Australia New Zealand have said the following about nutmeg.

Please check our ingredients listing to see what indulgences might best suit you - because even though we try our best on our end - it's ultimately up to you to make sure you are safely gobbling up our treats.


How long will my treats last?

We don’t use any preservatives or stabilizers in our treats and use organic wherever possible - so our treats are meant to be enjoyed fresh. Our cookies will last about two weeks in an airtight container.


Do you have an ingredients list?

Yes - we do! We know what it’s like – it’s always good to check the ingredients before you tuck in – because sometimes your tummy is sensitive to other things. You can download it from here so you can make the choice that is right for you.


What is organic and what isn’t?

Wherever possible – we try our best to use organic products. All the organic products we use are listed in our ingredients list which you can read by downloading from here.